Defining: Access

The Honors College offers a variety of merit-based and need-based scholarships to incoming freshmen, transfer and continuing VCU Honors College students. Scholarships are awarded by the academic year, and Honors students may apply each year.

The VCU Office of Admissions offers a variety of merit-based, renewable four-year scholarships for incoming freshmen. These scholarships are not affiliated with the Honors College. Students seeking financial aid should contact the VCU Financial Aid Office.

Freshmen: The Honors College Scholarship Program recognizes incoming first-year Honors students who demonstrate strong academic potential and project active involvement in the Honors community. Honors College scholarships are non-renewable, although students may compete for them each year.

Additional information regarding Honors College scholarships for incoming freshmen is included in the Honors College acceptance packet that is mailed to accepted students. Only students accepted into the Honors College are eligible to apply.

Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program who notify the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by May 31 that VCU is their first-choice institution, and who apply to VCU by the November 15 scholarship deadline, are eligible for a VCU Presidential Scholarship. If you are a National Merit Scholarship Program participant and have questions about this award, please contact Lindsay Coleman in the Office of Admissions at (804) 827-1760. All National Merit Scholarship Finalists who apply to the Honors College are guaranteed admission into the Honors College as well.

National Merit Scholars at Virginia Commonwealth University have the opportunity to create an individualized experience that meets their unique goals and aspirations. The Honors College enhances this experience through:

  • Peer mentoring with other National Merit Scholars at VCU
  • Access to university administration to learn about all that VCU offers students and how to use those resources
  • Intentional advising from Honors College academic advisors that maximizes student success
  • Specialized programming to connect students to research and study-abroad opportunities
  • Scholarships for conference attendance, research and study-abroad opportunities



Continuing students: The Honors College Scholarship Program recognizes continuing honors students who demonstrate academic achievement and active involvement in the Honors community. Awarded through the Honors College, these scholarships are granted to continuing honors students who maintain good standing with the Honors College as evidenced by a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better and active involvement in the Honors College. Honors College scholarships are non-renewable, although students may compete for them each year.

Applications are due in the late spring. Please see the Honors College Weekly Update for more information.  

The National Scholarship Office in the Honors College also provides students with guidance and support when competing for national scholarships.