Defining: Honors

The best of both worlds: Discover the feel of a small, liberal arts college within a large, urban, research university. Find a mentor, an internship, a study-abroad program. The VCU Honors College promotes academic excellence through an innovative curriculum integrated with experiential learning. Our students acquire a foundation for future success wherever their dreams and passions may lead them. Join our community!

Honors Facts

By the numbers and in the details, take a glance at the Honors College.

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We embrace diversity and inclusion in our members, faculty and curriculum.

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Faculty and Staff

Students get personal attention as valuable as our academic advantages.

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"Being Honors students and graduating with Honors represents a lifelong commitment to honesty, integrity, curiosity and heart. Living in the Honors community for four years has taught us how to manifest these principles both inside and outside the classroom. However, it is our ability to extend these ideas beyond the university that gives the Honors experience profound and lasting meaning." – Michael Walker and Leslie Pyo